December 21, 2014

Usain Bolt Runs 42 Miles per Hour

Usain Bolt Runs 42 Miles per Hour By Ryan Smith Usain Bolt is currently the fastest man on the planet with a top speed record of 23.35 MPH set at the last Olympics – a fractional improvement from the last record holder. But what if Mr. Bolt improved his speed by 80%, meaning he could […]

Coolerado’s New Modular Air Conditioners to Debut at Denver Library

Mayor Hickenlooper will turn on the first set of Coolerado’s new production air conditioners at the Montbello library on May 13th. The event will celebrate Denver’s commitment to energy efficiency by replacing the existing 50,000 watt a/c system with Coolerado’s new modular air conditioning system that will only draw 5,000 watts of power.