September 19, 2014

Keep the Guests Cool

Keep the Guests Cool By Ryan Smith Last week, 9News went to The Event Center at Church Ranch, one of our commercial client’s installations, to see why they chose our system over traditional air conditioners or swamp coolers. The Event Center is a beautifully landscaped location that hosts many ceremonies – everything from weddings to […]

Sustainability Champions

Sustainability Champions By Cool News Admin Coolerado recently won a Sustainability Champion award from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We were selected from a pool of nearly 100 entries and given the award based on the following criteria: environment, economy, innovation, education and cost savings. More below. Cash for You Coolerado customers […]

Coolerado Eye Candy

Coolerado Eye Candy By Jennifer Palmerino A recent episode of Deconstruction shows how we make the most efficient air conditioners in the world. When they arrived last fall to produce the show, we knew they meant business when they pulled out their thermo-imaging camera. Not only is it an expensive little toy, it’s the best […]

And the Popular Science Best of 2009 Award Goes to … Coolerado

And the Popular Science Best of 2009 Award Goes to … Coolerado By Ryan Smith Popular Science announced Coolerado’s new hybrid air conditioner, the H80, won a “Best New Green Technology” award in their annual Best of What’s New edition. Look for us in the December 2009 print edition on page 70, or link to […]

Usain Bolt Runs 42 Miles per Hour

Usain Bolt Runs 42 Miles per Hour By Ryan Smith Usain Bolt is currently the fastest man on the planet with a top speed record of 23.35 MPH set at the last Olympics – a fractional improvement from the last record holder. But what if Mr. Bolt improved his speed by 80%, meaning he could […]

New Coolerado M30 – Cools 1,500 Square Feet with only 450 Watts

New Coolerado M30 – Cools 1,500 Square Feet with only 450 Watts By Rick Gillan Built in response to popular demand, our new Coolerado M30 is in stock and is ideal for smaller spaces. It’s also modular like the M50, so it can be used to make a larger system where there are height limitations. […]

Coolerado’s New Hybrid Wins Challenge

Coolerado’s New Hybrid Wins Challenge By Rick Gillan Old west meets new.  A team from California threw down a challenge last year to beat their idea of the best air conditioner for the West.  A Denver team called Coolerado accepts the challenge.  The showdown took place at the DOE lab this summer with Coolerado’s new […]

Coolerado’s New Modular Air Conditioner – Book it!

Coolerado’s new modular M50 air conditioner installed at Denver’s Montbello Library. Mayor Hickenlooper turned the system on, and the event is highlighted via posted video.

Coolerado’s New Modular Air Conditioners to Debut at Denver Library

Mayor Hickenlooper will turn on the first set of Coolerado’s new production air conditioners at the Montbello library on May 13th. The event will celebrate Denver’s commitment to energy efficiency by replacing the existing 50,000 watt a/c system with Coolerado’s new modular air conditioning system that will only draw 5,000 watts of power.

Coolerado Makes Solar Powered Air Conditioning a Reality

Coolerado Makes Solar Powered Air Conditioning a Reality By Tony McDonald Air Conditioner Cools and Boosts Solar Power Generation Please join us at the RETECH (renewable energy technology) exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center this Wednesday, February 24th through Friday, February 27th, 2009. Coolerado will be in Hall N1, at booth number 510. RETECH […]