School Cooling Applications

School Cooling Applications
When it comes to academia, we’re not too cool for school. Turns out we’re just right. We give students and teachers a cool, comfortable environment to learn in. And, something else—fresh, clean air. Because where there are kids, there are germs. Unlike conventional air conditioners, ours fill the classroom with fresh air that’s filtered before it’s cooled. That means fewer germs and less dust, pollen, and allergens. Cleaner air means healthier, happier kids—which make it easier for everyone to make the grade. And, because our air conditioners run up to 80% more efficiently, that’s less strain on your budget. Now that’s cool.*

*80% less energy is based on Coolerado products when compared to compressor-based cooling technologies, intended to cool an equivalent amount of square footage. Typical energy savings results will vary based on application type, heat load and climate and range from 50% to 80%.

I think now more than ever, we see these kinds of solutions that are based in sustainability go hand-in-hand with economic development. Companies like Coolerado are making us healthier while making our economy healthier as well.

John Hickenlooper
Colorado Governor