December 18, 2014


Air Conditioners

This is where the revolution in cool begins—and energy-gorging ends. Our stand-alone products use innovative new technology that use up to 90% less energy—without using chemical refrigerants! What’s more, our unique process cleans and filters the outdoor air our coolers pull in before it’s cooled for cleaner, healthier, more breathable air. Now, that’s cool!

M30 M50 Downflow


M50 Downflow

M50 C60



M50 MODULAR AND MIGHTY Air Conditioner
Meet the big brother of our M30. Our M50’s modular design makes it super versatile—and stackable side by side to increase your cooling power when needed. This cooling dynamo can help to reduce your energy bill (and carbon footprint) for a quick return on your investment. Energy savings and cooling capacity depend upon climate conditions, application type and heat load. For more information, click here.