HVAC Pro News – Mountain West – June 2009

HVAC Pro News – Mountain West

June 2009
By Jeff Polk

Montbello Branch Library in Denver is now a little bit greener thanks to 8 Coolerado M-50’s. Mayor Hickenlooper and others spoke at the library on a brisk spring morning in May about the city’s dedication to making Denver a ‘greener’ place to live and work. “We’re being seen as groundbreakers” said Hickenlooper, while giving a speech about his dedication to the action plan dubbed ‘Green Print Denver’ and the library’s retrofit project near Peoria and I-70.

Xcel Energy helped with funding the project while city senior mechanical engineer Gregory Bertram oversaw the installation of the new system which utilizes Coolerado’s M-50 modular units. This system utilizes heat and mass exchangers developed by physics scientist, Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko. Utility savings can be up to 90% versus traditional refrigerant based air conditioning systems.

The library was built in 1975 and contains over 11,000 square feet. Built with cinder block, this older structure is not well insulated. Originally demanding over 50,000 watts of power to cool off book borrowers, the new high-tech system will only draw 5,000 watts. Denver has another library with the same floor plan that had replacement of its air conditioning system with traditional units recently. Mr. Bertram stated that he will analyze the real savings between the two sites after one-year of use.

Also on site was Coolerado’s demonstration unit running off-grid with PV panels. Built onto a flatbed trailer, the electronic message board front and center details the amount of power draw from the Coolerado, while displaying the amount of kilowatts being generated by the solar panels.