September 21, 2014

Green Buildings, Green Jobs Celebration

Green Buildings, Green Jobs Celebration

by Rick Gillan

On Wednesday, May 13th, Montbello Branch Library joined with Denver’s Mayor John Hickenlooper, the Coolerado Corporation, library staff, patrons and city workers as the library furthered its ‘Green’ initiative by turning on their new Coolerado M50 cooling system.

“Mayor Hickenlooper has implemented some policies through Green Print Denver that have placed even more emphasis on energy efficiency and conservation,” said Gregory Bertram, Senior Engineer City and County of Denver.

As part of this movement and transition, Bertram championed the installation of eight Coolerado M50′s – which take 50,000 watts of power used by the traditional cooling system, down to 5,000 watts.

Speaking about Coolerado’s rapid cooling technology advancement, Mayor Hickenlooper said,
“I think now more than ever we see that these kinds of solutions that are based in sustainability go hand-in-hand with economic development. Companies like Coolerado are making us all healthier as well as our economy healthier.”

As Montbello Library begins its inaugural cooling season using the Coolerado M50′s, it will be part of a comparison study with Denver’s Hampden Library, a twin building in architecture and effacement of the Montbello Library, which uses a standard A/C cooling system.

At the completion of one cooling season, studies will show how Coolerado’s products have saved energy and money, all while creating fresh and clean air for library patrons and staff, and a new Green Collar workforce.

Denver’s Mayor, John Hickenlooper, explains to the audience how Coolerado not only saves energy and money, but how its products are creating a new industry and era of GREEN cooling technology. A crowd of city workers, dignitaries, library patrons and GREEN energy friends gather to hear how the City of Denver is furthering its GREEN initiatives and creating a new GREEN Collar workforce.

Coolerado’s founders, with Greg Bertram, Denver Senior Engineer, Andre Pettigrew, Director of Denver Economic Development and Mayor John Hickenlooper turn the modular M50s on to begin cooling Montbello Library for its inaugural cooling season. Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko, a leading scientist in thermodynamics and Chief Scientist at Coolerado, is congratulated by Mayor John Hickenlooper, for another successful installation and recognition of how Coolerado products are helping to change the world and economy for the better, responsibly.

Mayor John Hickenlooper signs the Green Buildings, Green Jobs poster to commemorate a successful event and transition, as the City of Denver continues its GREEN initiative. A view of the eight modular M50 units cooling the Montbello Library to a very comfortable level, all while maintaining their GREEN energy standards. All runoff water is funneled to hydrate nearby vegetation.