Georgia Power Day Care – Case Study

Georgia Power Day Care

Coolerado Case Study
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K-12 Education
Georgia Power Day Care
Atlanta, GA
Client: Georgia Power Company
Architect: Heery International
Size: 25,000 SF
Completion: 2008

Keenly in tune to the environment, Georgia Power sought to provide a child care facility that was not only sensitive to employee needs but sensitive to the ecosystem as well. A number of steps were taken to maximize efficiency.

The footprint of the building was situated on the site so that the structure received maximum sunlight heat in the winter and minimized sunlight heat in the summer. Additionally, the building utilized a fairly unique evaporative cooling system called the Coolerado which uses harvested rainwater as coolant. By tapping into renewable, atmospheric energy, Coolerado uses about one fourth the amount of electricity of a traditional air-conditioner.

Improved indoor air quality, utilization of recycled building materials, construction debris recycling all furthered Georgia Power Company’s mission to provide an energy efficient, sustainably designed and built environment for employees and their children.

In 2009, the daycare center was designated LEED Gold.