DIY Network Films Coolerado – July 29th, 2009

DIY Deconstruction

DIY Network Films Coolerado

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On July 29th, DIY Network’s Matt Blashaw, host of the show Deconstruction, visited Coolerado to film an upcoming show on how Coolerado air conditoners operate so efficiently. Spending the day with the team at Coolerado, the crew from Deconstruction gathered excellent footage for their show to explain the process and scienct of Coolerado air conditioners.
Matt Blashaw, host of Deconstruction, films a scene describing how Coolerado units cool so efficiently. Using a Thermodynamic camera, Deconstruction shows how 120° air (#1 red) is drastically cooled to 65° air (#2 blue) using Coolerado.
Rick Gillan, Executive Vice President from Coolerado, explains to Matt how Coolerado units are so efficient they can be run using solar power. Matt Blashaw pictured with Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko, Coolerado Chief Scientist and discover of the M-Cycle.