Coolerado seeks hot sales for solar-powered AC unit

Coolerado seeks hot sales for solar-powered AC unit

Denver Business Journal
by Cathy Proctor
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A Denver-based company that makes high-tech air conditioners isn’t letting the recession get in the way of success. And the effects of global warming don’t hurt either. Coolerado Corp. plans to boost sales from between 100 and 150 units in 2008 to 5,000 units, with a corresponding rise in profitability.

“It’s a steep climb, but that’s our objective,” CEO Mike Luby said.

Coolerado units use water to chill fresh, outside air, without adding moisture to a building, and consume just 15 percent of the energy used by traditional air conditioners, according to company executives.

While Coolerado’s unit uses water to chill air, it’s not a swamp cooler because the water never comes in contact with the air, and moisture from the water never enters the building. Link to Article