Coolerado Makes 2010 Time for Kids Almanac

Coolerado Makes 2010 Time for Kids Almanac

Energy and the Environment

Revolutionary Designs
Visitors to the conference viewed numerous exciting new technologies. Event organizers hope that these products will change the way we build and live in our homes, offices and communities. That is what the Lawrence Group hopes to do with something called the Harbinger House. It is a two-story home made entirely of steel shipping containers, just like the ones you see on trains. Inside, it features countertops made of recycled paper and reused glass.

Another innovative product is the Coolerado air conditioner. It uses up to 90% less energy than a conventional unit and does not use environmentally dangerous chemicals. Other new technologies included:

• a zero-emissions car that runs on compressed air and a green battery
• a solar-powered coffee table that recharges electronics
• a bike that purifies water as you pedal
• a solar-powered radio that generates electricity and music.

With products like these, it may be easy being green!