Coolerado Launches M50 Downflow Air Conditioning Units Ideal For LEED Buildings, Office Space, Medical Offices and Data Centers

Coolerado Launches M50 Downflow Air Conditioning Units Ideal For LEED Buildings, Office Space, Medical Offices and Data Centers

FOR RELEASE: April 21, 2014
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Denver, April 21, 2014 – Coolerado today announces the launch of their M50 Downflow air conditioning unit delivering an Energy Efficiency Ratio (EER) above 40 when used as stand-alone and above 21 when working in concert with DX Roof Top Units (RTU). The M50 Downflow line was designed for easy installation on commercial roof curbs. The use of roof curbs is a common practice among commercial HVAC installers.

The M50 Downflow can meet the cooling demands of a building by itself or can be installed to help RTUs during the first stage of cooling and bringing fresh air into the building while reducing the energy consumption and keeping the building cool. The M50 Downflow can reduce electricity consumption by at least 40% during peak demand hours while helping the building meet rigorous ventilation rates driven by the ASHRAE standard 62.1, ventilation for acceptable indoor air quality.

“Coolerado continues to innovate to provide customers with the best combination of cost savings, application fit and the highest levels of energy efficiency on the market,” stated Coolerado CEO Tom Teynor. “By expanding our flagship product lines we are making it even easier for all types of businesses to benefit from our patented HMX cooling technology. With this new product we demonstrate our commitment to meet our customers’ product needs expectations and consolidate our position in market segments like restaurants, gymnasiums, veterinary offices, nursing homes, schools and libraries all reaping the benefits of less expensive, modern cooling.”

M50 Downflow Benefits

  • TCO – Either as stand-alone units or working together with traditional RTUs, cooling systems with Coolerado air conditioners can reduce the total cost of ownership (equipment, installation and operational costs) compared to traditional systems.
  • Meet ventilation rates while reducing the energy consumption used for cooling.
  • LEED Points – Coolerado air conditioners are a great option to obtain points on your LEED project.
  • Scalability – Simple modular design increases cooling capacity as your cooling demand grows in size or density.
  • Ease of installation – Convenient design includes an insulated down flow plenum and stainless steel galvanized skirt for easy installation on commercial roof curbs.

Installation, Pricing and Availability

The M50 Downflow is ready for installation on custom commercial roof curbs. The unit comes with a factory-installed insulated plenum and a galvanized stainless steel skirt for a convenient connection to the roof curb. The M50 Downflow unit offers simple access to the air filters, motor assembly and controls for easy preventive maintenance. The units are also modular in design so they can be installed flush next to each other to meet increasing cooling needs. For pricing and availability information, please contact your Coolerado Sales Representative.

About Coolerado
Coolerado air conditioners reduce cooling costs as much as 90% using an award-winning, multi-patented and proprietary cooling technology called the Maisotsenko Cycle. Based in Denver, Colorado and backed by a worldwide network of dealers with units installed in more than 30 countries, Coolerado manufactures its products in the United States. For more information, go to