Coolerado Launches Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Unit

Coolerado Launches Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) Unit Bringing M-Cycle Super Cooling to IAQ Markets Everywhere

FOR RELEASE: September 10, 2014
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Denver, September 10th, 2014 – Coolerado today announces the launch of the Coolerado Energy Recovery Ventilator (ERV) applying award-winning HMX performance to create the most powerful and efficient ERV on the market. Coolerado’s ERV supplies ASHRAE Standard 62.1 ventilation rates while dramatically reducing energy consumption. The Coolerado ERV can be installed separately or in series with a roof top unit (RTU). During summer months, HMX technology leverages work already done in conditioning the space to go beyond the tempering provided by typical ERVs, thus making it a super cooling unit. This powerful configuration enables Coolerado’s ERV to supply fresh air at 65 degrees Fahrenheit, even in the hottest weather, in contrast to the 85 degrees Fahrenheit typical from other ERVs, and significant dehumidification in humid weather. During the winter months, the unit pre-heats fresh air as a conventional HRV. The year-round savings and ability to dehumidify make the Coolerado ERV cost effective everywhere, including mild or humid climates. Regardless of season, the exhaust air and the outdoor air never mix within the ERV because the HMX uses different channels for both air flows thus maximizing indoor air quality (IAQ).

“Coolerado has long established its leadership at the key intersection of cooling efficiency and air quality,” stated Coolerado CEO Tom Teynor. “Bringing our HMX technology to the ERV market makes good sense for businesses everywhere to meet fresh air ventilation requirements while cutting energy costs.”

“To say that keeping our storefront business cool with the garage door open during the summer is challenging is truly an understatement,” stated Chris Ball, owner of The Cup Espresso Café in Boulder. “We epitomize local so when we found out that the most efficient AC on the planet was manufactured nearby, we jumped at the chance to provide the true Coolerado fresh air comfort experience to our customers and staff. By combining the Coolerado ERV and M50 downflow units we are proud to be achieving the most efficient cooling possible while placing us in great shape for energy recovery during the winter months.”

ERV Benefits

  • Summer enthalpy recovery effectiveness ranging from 70% to over 200% at full flow.
  • Winter heat recovery effectiveness of 70% at full flow.
  • Negligible air cross-contamination because there are no rotating parts or moving seals.
  • No wheel or sump maintenance.

Installation, Pricing and Availability

The Coolerado ERV is ready for installation on custom commercial roof curbs. The unit comes with a factory-installed insulated plenum and a stainless steel skirt for a convenient connection to the curb. The Coolerado ERV unit offers simple access to the air filters, motor assembly and controls for easy preventive maintenance. The units are also modular in design so they can be installed flush next to each other to meet increasing fresh air needs. For pricing and availability information, please contact your Coolerado Sales Representative.

About Coolerado
Coolerado air conditioners reduce cooling costs as much as 90% using an award-winning, multi-patented and proprietary cooling technology called the Maisotsenko Cycle. Based in Denver, Colorado and backed by a worldwide network of dealers with units installed in more than 30 countries, Coolerado manufactures its products in the United States. For more information, go to