December 18, 2014

Coolerado’s AC Technology Consumes 90% Less Electricity

Coolerado’s AC Technology Consumes 90% Less Electricity

Blue Planet Green Living
by Joe Hennager
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An air conditioning unit that runs on a fraction of the electricity of traditional AC units? I was reading an article about Coolerado’s AC unit using 90 percent less electricity than the standard Freon-filled systems. 90 percent! My curiosity was piqued.

Nearly everywhere on the planet, air conditioning units are the primary power drains for utility companies during the summer, but this drain is especially bad in some areas, like the US Southwest. The article stated that there were some drawbacks, but for people in a dry climate with low humidity, this unit is the AC of the future.

To find out more, I contacted Mike Luby, CEO, at Coolerado. He told us about the company’s unique method of cooling the air. (read interview)