December 20, 2014

Colorado Company Markets Cool New Product

Colorado Company Markets Cool New Product

Mortgage News Daily
by Jann Swanson
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A Colorado air conditioning manufacturer is making news with a product line that might revolutionize how Americans cool their homes and businesses.

Coolerado Corporation based in Denver has developed air conditioners based on the Maisotsenko Cycle (M-Cycle) which it describes as a “newly developed” thermodynamic process.

Ordinary AC units are of two types; refrigerant or evaporative. The former operates in the same way as a refrigerator, pulling heated air from a room, across a refrigerated coil containing a chemical refrigerant and pumping the cooled air back into the room. Evaporative coolers (or swamp coolers) use a blower to force hot air through a water soaked pad. The water evaporates, carrying the heat with it and the air, now carrying some of that water, is passed back into the room. An indirect evaporative cooler has a secondary heat exchanger which captures some of the humidity from the cooled air before it is returned to the room. Link to article