December 20, 2014


WHAT PEOPLE are saying about Coolerado

When you’re setting new standards in cool, people are bound to take notice. Our innovative air conditioners have a knack for generating buzz and carving out new benchmarks in cooling efficiency.

Blog Posts:


Are we ready to abandon mechanical cooling in the data center?
Recently, Green DataCenter News published an article called “Are we ready to abandon mechanical cooling in the data center?”. The article points out two criticisms of free cooling systems that could lead to server failure… (more) saves 80% on cooling energy is to saving energy like Apple is to simplifying technology. It’s a pioneer. In fact, the company hangs its hat on being one the first and most efficient green data centers since it began in 1997. (more)

Will A.C. be the end of us?
In a recent Time magazine article, Eric Klinenberg got hot under the collar about America’s penchant for cooling down. (more)