Net Water Neutral

It’s cool to be net-water neutral

Net-Water Neutral

It’s no secret that our air conditioners use water to cool things down. But, you might be surprised to learn that our process actually uses less water than traditional methods of cooling.

Here’s why.

Power plants use water as part of their process to create electricity. So, products that use a lot of energy require power plants to use more water to create the electricity needed.

Traditional air conditioners use up to 90% more electricity and energy than Coolerado air conditioners. That’s up to 90% more water that’s used to create the necessary power.

Although our products use water as part of the cooling process, our air conditioners use much less power to operate—thereby requiring much less water to be used at the power plant.

When you combine the amount of water used by the power plant to generate electricity for our air conditioners with the amount of water our products use at the facility, it’s actually less than or equal to the amount of water a power plant uses to produce energy for a traditional air conditioner.

Therefore, our process uses “net-zero water” or is considered “net-water neutral.”

Being net-water neutral is yet another way our air conditioners offer you a more environmentally responsible option in cool.