Health Care Cooling Applications

Health Care Cooling Applications
In the health care industry, having wholesome indoor air isn’t a luxury, it’s a requirement. There are strict rules governing how often air must be changed over to help prevent infections. The same is true for lab spaces that require meticulous quality control and precision temperature management. Coolerado air conditioners are uniquely designed to bring in cooled, fresh air. Unlike conventional air conditioners that simply recycle stale, sick inside air, our systems use 100% fresh outside air that’s filtered before it’s cooled. That means fewer germs and less dust, pollen, and allergens. You’ll also enjoy the refreshingly lower cost of your energy bills, because our air conditioners can run up to 80% more efficiently. That’s the right prescription for any healthy business.

Intermountain will install more Coolerado units in other departments and other hospitals, as appropriate and as needed. The goal is simple – don’t waste energy.

Troy Jensen
Energy Efficiency Manager
Intermountain Healthcare