The Goal: Most Efficient Data Center in the World

The Move Towards Energy Efficiency

Data centers create a unique set of cooling challenges. High heat loads from servers need constant 24/7 cooling. That can be extremely expensive, unless you choose an air conditioner that uses up to 80% less energy*, and one that offers free cooling throughout certain months of the year. With the goal of being the most energy efficient Data Center in the world, the NSIDC (National Snow and Ice Data Center), is using Coolerado and solar panels to cool their servers 100% off-grid (link to National Geographic article). That’s something a traditional air conditioning system simply can’t offer. It’s just one more reason why we’re the coolest conditioner you can buy. To see current savings data from the NSIDC, click here.

The Cooling of Green House Data

The cooling of Green House Data

Like every data center, Green House Data in Cheyenne, Wyoming needed a reliable air conditioning system that would cool its server room 24 hours a day, seven days a week—without fail. Our modular installation system provided a critical backup option, so if an air conditioner needed to be taken offline, it wouldn’t impact the servers or operation. Green House also wanted a system that would help the company live up to the eco-friendly mission implied in its name. By providing more efficient technology and fresh outside air to cool the facility during colder months, we reduced its energy use by 80%. Proving once again, its cool to be Green. (more)

*80% less energy is based on Coolerado products when compared to compressor-based cooling technologies, intended to cool an equivalent amount of square footage. Typical energy savings results will vary based on application type, heat load and climate and range from 50% to 80%. **Results are limited to this specific customer and may not reflect generally expected results. Efficiency and cost savings will depend on your specific circumstances.

We’ve reduced our energy use by as much as 97%. In terms of strict dollars and cents, that’s a payout of less than two years. More importantly, this technology is allowing us to fulfill our mission. You can’t put a price on that.

David Gallaher
Manager of IT Services