December 21, 2014


Coolerado Corporation

Our Vision
To reduce global energy demand with highly efficient air conditioning technology.

Our Mission
To reduce energy use with efficient air conditioning technology that produces cost savings, improves indoor air quality, and reduces carbon emissions.

Ali Iz
Chairman, Coolerado
Co-founder and Managing Partner, NewWorld Capital
As Partner of NewWorld Capital Group, Mr. Iz manages environmental opportunities in the United States, Canada, and Europe that focus on energy efficiency, clean energy, water resources and reclamation, waste-to-value, and environmental services. Before coming to NewWorld Capital, he was a Venture Partner at CMEA Capital, where he concentrated on advanced energy investments. His prior experience includes work at General Electric where he held numerous positions including Business Development Leader for the company’s Energy Division, General Manager of Technology Growth, and General Manager of GE Energy’s solar business. Mr. Iz graduated from the University of Michigan with a BS in Industrial and Operations Engineering and holds an MS in Industrial Management from Columbia University.
Carter F. Bales
Director, Coolerado
Chairman and Co-founder, NewWorld Capital
As Chairman of NewWorld Capital Group, Mr. Bales leads a team of investors who support environmental opportunities in the U.S., Canada, and Europe. He’s been active in environmental matters for more than 35 years and has recently narrowed his focus to environmental economics and how energy efficiency improvements can be achieved in cost-effective ways. Before NewWorld, he co-founded The Wicks Group of Companies, a private equity firm focused on the information industries in the United States. Prior to that position, he held senior leadership positions at McKinsey & Company and he served as Assistant Budget Director (Acting) for The City of New York. In New York, he led the development of the city’s air pollution, solid waste management, and water supply programs, in addition to developing the city’s program planning and budgeting system. Mr. Bales graduated from Princeton University with a BA in Economics and holds an MBA from Harvard Business School. He received an Honorary Doctorate in Humane Letters from Skidmore College for his environmental leadership.
Alan Gillan
Co-founder and Vice Chairman, Coolerado
Vice President Global Development
Mr. Gillan brings over 30 years of business development, engineering and technical experience to his role at Coolerado. His current focus is on developing international sales and strategic alliances. Mr. Gillan began his career as co-founder and CEO of Gillans Engineering Inc., which focused on regional architectural, civil, structural and mechanical engineering projects. He and his partners used Gillans Engineering as their platform business to branch out into other successful endeavors, including forensics engineering for the insurance and building owner industries, corporate auto leasing and commercial/residential real estate development and leasing. Later, Mr. Gillan founded and managed Idalex Technologies Inc., a research and development firm that focused on energy production and efficiencies designed to improve the human condition. Idalex was the launching point of the first energy-efficient air conditioner, the technology that became the springboard for Coolerado. Mr. Gillan received his undergraduate degree from Metro State College in Denver.
Bob Finley
Vice President of Manufacturing
As Vice President of Manufacturing, Mr. Finley oversees all research and development functions, including application engineering, manufacturing and distribution, and supply chain management. Prior to Coolerado, he served in leadership positions for a number of successful companies. These include being a consultant to R&D Engineering at medical device manufacturer Covidien; Vice President of Operations at computer hardware developer Dot Hill Systems; Vice President of Manufacturing at electronic manufacturer McData Corp; and Vice President of Manufacturing Operations and Business Programs Management at SMTC Manufacturing, a developer of electronic solutions. Mr. Finley received an Executive MBA from Stanford University and a BS in Engineering and Business from Arizona State University.
Tom Teynor
Chief Executive Officer
Mr. Teynor is the Chief Executive Officer of Coolerado Corporation, a green technology company founded in 2004. Coolerado designs, manufactures and markets super-energy-efficient air conditioning systems for light commercial use, based on its proprietary, patented and proven technology. Customer energy savings as much as 90% have been recorded with this cost-effective technology. Coolerado products are currently operating in 26 countries worldwide.
Mr. Teynor joined Coolerado in 2011, and is responsible for the overall strategic direction and long-term growth. He brings 15 years of experience growing businesses in the software, financial services, and internet services industries. Mr. Teynor held senior leadership roles at Wolters Kluwer Financial Services, Pitney Bowes, and Wells Fargo Bank. He also serves on the board of TopLine federal credit union and is the Chair of the finance committee. Mr. Teynor received both his Bachelor of Business Administration and MBA degrees from the University of St. Thomas in Minnesota.
Fabio Diaz
Vice President of International Sales
Before coming to Coolerado, Mr. Diaz was Director of International Business Development for Goodman Manufacturing, where he was responsible for international sales, marketing, engineering, business development and logistics. Prior to that, Mr. Diaz held a number of financial leadership positions in Columbia, including Commerce and Finance Unit Manager at FONADE, Administrative and Financial Director at Colon Clinic-Cali, Credit Director at Las Villas Mortgage, and Financial Analyst at CORFINANSA. Mr. Diaz received an MBA from the University of St. Thomas in Houston, Texas; a MS in Finance from the Universidad del Valle in Cali, Colombia; and a Bachelor of Business Administration from the Universidad Autonoma de Bucaramanga in Santander, Colombia.
Lee Gillan
Co-founder and Chief Engineer
In his current position, Mr. Gillan is responsible for all aspect of engineering, including product development, manufacturing, product testing, and application development. Prior to Coolerado, Mr. Gillan co-founded Gillans Engineering Inc., which focused on regional architectural, civil, structural and mechanical engineering projects. Mr. Gillan and his partners used Gillans Engineering as their platform business to branch out in other successful endeavors including, forensics engineering for the insurance and building owner industries, corporate auto leasing and commercial/residential real estate development. Before his work at Gillan’s Engineering, Inc., he designed heat exchangers and fire heaters for oil refinery and coal gasification plants. Mr. Gillan received his BS from Colorado State University.