December 17, 2014


Coolerado Corporation

Our Vision
To reduce global energy demand with highly efficient air conditioning technology.

Our Mission
To reduce energy use with efficient air conditioning technology that produces cost savings, improves indoor air quality, and reduces carbon emissions.

    Our History
  • Coolerado began with Dr. Valeriy Maisotsenko’s discovery of a new thermodynamic cycle (M-Cycle) illustrating the possibility of using clean and renewable sources of energy found in our atmosphere.
  • Dr. Maisotsenko’s discoveries formed the basis of the Coolerado HMX (heat and mass exchanger), the component in Coolerado units that disproved industry experts’ efficiency expectations.
  • Coolerado installed its first units at Bradford Publishing and Mount St. Vincent’s Children’s Home and received the prestigious R&D 100 award for the successful operation of the systems.
  • Following the successful completion of its first systems, Coolerado turned its attention to the development of a new hybrid unit (the H80), eventually entering it in the first ever UC Davis Western Cooling Challenge. The H80 won the challenge, and exceeded the 2010 Department of Energy standards by 80%.
  • NewWorld Capital Group makes a strategic investment in Coolerado Corporation. Click here to learn more.
  • To date, Coolerado has 2,500 installations across 26 countries on six continents.