December 18, 2014

A Testament to “Free Cooling”

A Testament to “Free Cooling” When it comes to being “green,” one data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming lives up to its name. Green House Data’s mission is to create the smallest environmental footprint possible. To do so, the cloud hosting and colocation data center center uses highly energy efficient equipment and materials—from its ceiling tiles […]

NSIDC Cuts Power Use By 85%

NSIDC Cuts Power Use By 85% By Ryan Smith When it comes to studying climate change, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) watches from a front row seat. The center studies the “cryosphere”—the areas on the planet consisting of snow or ice. Since it began monitoring cryospheric data in 1976, it’s witnessed the […]

Three, Two, One … Lift Off

Three, Two, One … Lift Off By Ryan Smith Earlier this year, we decided to build an all-new, more user-friendly Coolerado Web site. After much research, planning and work – we did it, and we’d like to invite you see the fruits of our labor: All of the features you enjoyed, or needed, from […]