saves 80% on cooling energy is to saving energy like Apple is to simplifying technology. It’s a pioneer. In fact, the company hangs its hat on being one the first and most efficient green data centers since it began in 1997. Today the web-hosting data center runs its entire operation without plugging into the California power grid. To get there, uses a mix of green technologies such as on-site solar panels and strategic virtualization. And, of course, choosing the most energy-efficient air conditioner on the market.

Getting off CRAC

When it came time for to replace its existing Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC), the data center opted for three powerful and low profile Coolerado C60 air conditioning units.

Our units use the innovative Maisotsenko Cycle, a proprietary and patented technology that maximizes indirect and staged evaporative cooling to remove heat from the air. Indirect means that the moisture used to remove heat from the air never touches the product air that is eventually introduced into the space (leaving the delivered air humidity-neutral, as compared to ambient conditions). Staged means that the air is cooled in 21 stages — as opposed to all at once — which allows our products to deliver lower temperatures than other air conditioners. The technology is also unique because it enables our air conditioners to cool more efficiently as the outdoor temperature rises. The net result is a cooling product that provides fresh, cooled, humidity-neutral air and consumes only enough energy to power a fan. Which, of course, means big energy savings.

Using our patented technology, saves 80 percent in energy costs, translating to $24,000 in annual savings!

“Coolerado air conditioners save us on energy costs and allow us to maximize our technology density while not compromising on performance for our customers,” said Phil Nail, chief technology officer at “Most companies expand their footprint as they grow,’s philosophy is just the opposite; we reduce our footprint as we grow.”

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