We Made it Better

Extreme heat and Willis Carrier go hand-in-hand, as it was his invention, the air conditioner, that made a large portion of the globe habitable. Or better said, more comfortable.

While compressor-based air conditioning has been a blessed invention to the masses, there are many negatives associated with this technology. Energy consumption, CFC’s from the refrigerants used, carbon emissions and operating and maintenance costs are the most detrimental factors to the invention.

Not only does powering a traditional, compressor-based air conditioner, consume inordinate amounts of energy – which frequently create blackout and brownout conditions (short or long-term losses of electrical power to an area), but reliance on air conditioning has forced consumers to pay large utility bills. Especially, at the commercial level.

Although Willis Carrier’s invention of air conditioning in 1902 became the most dramatic way to comfortably cool spaces in hot climates, this technology has not advanced much in over 100 years. Point being, even the most efficient compressor-based systems still consume large amounts of power that strain utility grids throughout the warm seasons, while having even more adverse effects on the environment.

So, are traditional air conditioners just the necessary evil then?

Depending on one’s climate and cooling needs, the answer is no.

When looking at the newest and most efficient way to air condition a space, Coolerado Air Conditioners use a thermodynamic cycle which, in short, has proven a way to use the air more efficiently.

This cooling process takes outside air, drops the temperature comparable to a compressor-based system, all without using a traditional system’s compressor – or, the part most responsible for the large consumption of energy.

In the Coolerado Air Conditioner, the air does all the work and pulls heat out of itself in much the same way people’s bodies pull heat out when we sweat. Conversely, compressor-based systems use machinery, refrigerants and large amounts of energy in their process; all while losing efficiency as outside temperatures rise.

While Coolerado technology is exclusively intended to cool hot climates with low humidity, consumers who use these systems have seen as much as a 90% reduction in their cooling energy use.

So, while Willis Carrier’s invention was a brilliant way to cool much of the globe, there are now even more brilliant ways to do so as well.