The Truth About Water

We’re having wild fires in Colorado. It’s a symptom of unusually dry weather here. According to the U.S. Drought Monitor, 95% of Colorado is currently experiencing varying stages of drought. And, we’re not alone. The Palmer Drought Index put 38% of the contiguous U.S. in the moderate to extreme drought categories this spring.

At times like this, the value we all place on water seems to escalate. And, unfortunately, that value is only expected to intensify. Many experts believe changes in our climate and the makeup of our planet will someday make water our world’s most valuable resource.

But, even if these changes don’t take place, the fact remains that water is a big deal. It plays a critical role in our everyday lives.

At Coolerado, it’s a big deal to us, too—especially because water is such an essential part of our indirect evaporative cooling process. But, even though we use water to remove the heat from outside air, our process actually uses less water than traditional methods of cooling. That’s because we use much less energy from power plants, which use water to create electricity.

As a result, our process is considered net-water neutral. Check out our web page that illustrates what this means and explains how our process compares to traditional methods of cooling.

Being net-water neutral is just one more way we promote sustainability and help protect our planet’s most valuable resources. Because, we’re all in this together.