Minding your PUES and CUES: Calculating your Data Center’s carbon emissions

Traditionally, if you wanted to gauge how well your data center was doing in terms of energy efficiency, you’d look no further than your PUE score. By calculating your PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness), you can determine how much energy is being wasted in comparison to your data center’s installed IT power.

Then the Green Grid came up with another method of operational analysis called CUE (Carbon Usage Effectiveness). Just as it implies, CUE projects a data center’s carbon footprint. Essentially, CUE equals the data’s center total carbon emissions divided by the IT equipment energy.

The Green Grid is a global consortium of companies, government agencies, and educational institutions focused on improving energy efficiency in data centers and business computing environments. The group believes knowing both your PUE and CUE can help companies make smarter decisions about growth, building locations, and outsourcing strategies as they relate to sustainability and energy efficiency.

Learn how to determine your data center’s CUE.

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