NSIDC wins prestigious Uptime award

When it comes to data centers, the Uptime Institute wrote the book on best practices. Earlier this month, that book added a new chapter that tipped a hat to a group of innovative companies for their efforts in improving energy efficiency.

Included in the group were our partners at the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) and the RMH Group. They were winners of the Institute’s 2012 Green Enterprise IT (GEIT) Awards in the Facility Retrofit category.

We’re excited about the award because the retrofit included eight Coolerado M50s that helped the NSIDC reduce its energy use up to 97 percent. That translated to a dramatic drop in its effective PUE: from 2 to 1.09, with a potential for even lower readings during the cooler winter months.

Matt Stansberry, Program Director of Uptime Institute Symposium and Director of Content and Publications for Uptime Institute, said this year’s winners set a new benchmark for innovative thinking.

“The Uptime Institute GEIT Awards program showcases the energy efficiency efforts of the most innovative data center operators and vendors, and contributes to the shared knowledge and best practices of our industry. This year over 100 organizations from 23 countries participated in the 2012 GEIT Awards from companies across the globe, presenting some of the most impressive applications our judges have seen to date,” said Stansberry.

Here’s a complete list of the 2012 GEIT Awards winners:

• Audacious Idea: Facebook
• Facility Retrofit: National Snow and Ice Data Center and The RMH Group
• Facility Design Implementation: Verizon Wireless
• Facility Design Innovation: Bell Canada and Urbacon Architecture
• Facility Product Deployment: NTT Communications and Vigilent
• IT Product Deployment: XtremIO and Confidential Client
• IT Retrofit: HP Enterprise Group, India Research and Development Labs, Bangalore
• Modular Data Center Product Deployment: eBay and Dell

The Uptime Institute provides independent thought leadership, certification, education and professional services for the global data center industry in over 50 countries. It serves all industry stakeholders, including enterprise and third-party owners and operators, manufacturers, service providers and engineers.
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