Coolerado Sponsors Team on a Mission

Some companies sponsor racecar teams. We wanted to take a slightly greener route. So, in February, we became an official sponsor of the Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies (OPC) team.

It’s a team of 18 men and 12 women professional cyclists committed to raising awareness about our potential to live healthier, more active lifestyles.

What does air conditioning have to do with improving health?  As it turns out, quite a bit. At Coolerado, we also share a mission that encourages healthier lives and a healthier planet.

Our goal is to reduce energy use with efficient technology. OPC’s mission is to raise awareness about reducing energy use and our dependence on cars and fossil fuels by increasing our use of human-powered transportation.

Our goal is to help our customers save money by replacing old cooling methods with more efficient systems that use less energy. OPC believes that by replacing old ideals about the limitations we place on ourselves, we’ll also save money by spending less on medical bills (and gasoline to fuel our cars).

Finally, our goal is to improve both indoor and outdoor air quality through cleaner air conditioning systems that incorporate fresh air into our customers’ buildings and by reducing carbon emissions. OPC reminds us that by taking control of our actions, we can impact the quality of our lives and the health of our planet.

“We’re more than a cycling team and we’re more than a collection of logos on a jersey. We’re a symbol of the amazing things that are possible when people take ownership of their own health, fitness and well-being.”  Optum Pro Cycling presented by Kelly Benefit Strategies (OPC) team.

You can also track their race progress and get the latest news on this amazing group of professional cyclists by following them on facebook and their website.

Coolerado’s next appearance will be at the AFCOM Data Center World Conference, in Las Vegas, at the Mirage Hotel. If you want to learn how to dramatically reduce your cooling costs for your data center, visit us at the show at Booth 334, or visit our web site.