And the Oscar goes to…

Quinton Aaron: Michael Oher – The Blind Side and Team Coolerado

Quinton Aaron: “Michael Oher” – The Blind Side and Team Coolerado

This year, some of the biggest stars on the red carpet were going green. On Saturday, February 25th, we partnered with fellow Colorado-based company, Nokero, to showcase our innovative technologies at a special pre-Oscars event.

The event shined the spotlight on some of the coolest products hitting the marketplace. Coolerado featured our energy-efficient air conditioners, and shared the spotlight with Nokero, inventors of the world’s only solar-powered light bulb. We gave away the zero-emission bulbs to a group of 125 special guests, which included the talented actors and musicians of Hollywood.

But, don’t think you have to star in a movie to have access to this out-of-the-box technology. Nokero lamps have completely replaced kerosene, candles, and other forms of personal lights in various climates and conditions around the world – including regions as diverse as Pakistan, Mexico, Haiti, Columbia, and Kenya.

The company introduced its innovative solar-powered lightbulb in 2010 as a safe, affordable and environmentally friendly alternative to using harmful and polluting fuels like kerosene. In fact, the name is short for “no kerosene.”

We thought the Oscars was a great opportunity to spread the word on how our energy-saving technologies can change the way the world thinks about cooling and lighting. Because even the brightest Hollywood stars appreciate an energy-saving makeover.

To find out more about Nokero, check out their website.

Rico Rodriguez: Manny Delgado – Modern Family

Rico Rodriguez: “Manny Delgado” – Modern Family

Each celebrity in attendance also signed a snowboard at our booth from yet another, fellow Colorado-based company, Never Summer.

To give away the snowboard, we’ve partnered with Protect Our Winters – whose mission is to engage and mobilize the winter sports community to lead against the fight against climate change. If you would like to become a member of this important cause, a donation of $50 or more during the month of April will give you membership, as well as an opportunity to win the Legacy 170 Never Summer snowboard. To learn how to join Protect Our Winters, simply click here.