A Testament to “Free Cooling”

When it comes to being “green,” one data center in Cheyenne, Wyoming lives up to its name. Green House Data’s mission is to create the smallest environmental footprint possible. To do so, the cloud hosting and colocation data center center uses highly energy efficient equipment and materials—from its ceiling tiles down to its floor mats, renewable wind power and cloud computing technology.

It also takes advantage of “free cooling.” With the help of our M50 air conditioners, Green House Data is able to turn off the cooling portion of our units and pull in ambient air during the “shoulder” season—the months when the air outside is cooler than it is inside. For Green House Data, that’s almost 6 months of the year.

Because our system includes filters that clean the outside air of impurities, even the dusty Wyoming breeze transforms into pure, fresh, naturally cooled air.

As you can imagine, taking advantage of free cooling translates to significant cost savings. Our versatile technology reduced Green House Data’s cooling costs by 90%, and with a PUE as low as 1.25!

Find out what it can do for you:

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