NSIDC Cuts Power Use By 85%

By Ryan Smith

When it comes to studying climate change, the National Snow and Ice Data Center (NSIDC) watches from a front row seat. The center studies the “cryosphere”—the areas on the planet consisting of snow or ice. Since it began monitoring cryospheric data in 1976, it’s witnessed the effects of global warming firsthand.

So, when the NSIDC had the opportunity to overhaul its data center in Boulder, Colorado, it wanted to make changes that mattered. Like cutting power across the entire system by 85% using an eco-friendly arsenal of free cooling, solar power, and our indirect evaporative cooling process.

In terms of bottom line savings, the results speak for themselves. The center now saves $35,000 a year on electricity costs alone. It also receives yearly solar energy rebates, plus additional rebates for every ton of air conditioning it’s able to reduce. Our energy-efficient air conditioners brought that number from 60 tons to two tons.

Though the system you see in the video is a custom prototype, it’s built on our modular components. That means it can be easily customized and repeated for other data centers interested in making dramatic changes to their cooling costs. Learn more about our energy-saving data center solutions.

“It always takes more energy to cool off the data center than it does to run the data center. So, if we could use this technology, the payoff is like three years, and every data center could cut its power utilization more than half. That’s what’s really exciting here. We’re talking potential savings in the U.S. and the world in the billions.”

David Gallaher, NSIDC Manager of IT Services