Sustainability Champions

By Cool News Admin

Coolerado recently won a Sustainability Champion award from the Colorado Department of Public Health and Environment. We were selected from a pool of nearly 100 entries and given the award based on the following criteria: environment, economy, innovation, education and cost savings. More below.

Cash for You
Coolerado customers and friends are our best sales people and we’re launching a new program to give you cash in addition to our gratitude. We have found that many of you are telling everyone you know about Coolerado anyway, so we hope you’ll let us show our appreciation by letting us pay you for the businesses you send our way that purchase a system.

We’re starting this program in our prime target area that includes California, Colorado, Nevada and Utah. Signing up is easy! Simply reply to with the following information by April 22, 2010:

• Your name, address and state of residence
• Your phone number (optional)

We’ll reply back to all participants in the target states by April 23, 2010 with the program information.

More on Sustainability Champions
We took a picture of most of the team when we received the award:

To view the full coverage of our Sustainability Champions award, click here: Link to Award

Or, to see a quick recap from the award event with Dr. Maisotsenko, click here: Link to Video