September 17, 2014

Coolerado Eye Candy

Coolerado Eye Candy

By Jennifer Palmerino

A recent episode of Deconstruction shows how we make the most efficient air conditioners in the world. When they arrived last fall to produce the show, we knew they meant business when they pulled out their thermo-imaging camera. Not only is it an expensive little toy, it’s the best way to see how heat transfers from place-to-place. Specifically, how our air conditioner can cool 130 degree air down to 65 degrees.

Deconstruction is on the diy Network, which “deconstructs” products down to their basics and shows you how and why things do what they do. Matt Blashaw is the hands-on host of the show – he does a fantastic job at making technical things simple and entertaining.

Editorial note – Matt’s also very handsome!

Watch the episode via the link below. In the bottom of the video player, scroll to the right until you see “Heating and Cooling” – Coolerado starts at the (-) 9:00 minute mark.

We’re also part of a recent case study from SWEEP (Southwest Energy Efficiency Project) – profiling the economic benefits of energy efficient businesses in Colorado. You can view the case study here: