Usain Bolt Runs 42 Miles per Hour

By Ryan Smith

Usain Bolt is currently the fastest man on the planet with a top speed record of 23.35 MPH set at the last Olympics – a fractional improvement from the last record holder. But what if Mr. Bolt improved his speed by 80%, meaning he could now run upwards of 42 MPH? People would be in a complete frenzy! Every aspect of the marvel would be probed to find out how he did it. He’d even be entered into the Kentucky Derby … and he’d win.

This summer, Coolerado blew away current air conditioner efficiency standards by 80 percent – but there was little fanfare. There’s nothing too exciting about air conditioning – it’s a box that sits on a roof after all. However, there are some geeks like us out there in the world who want to know how we did it. So we created a video that gives insight into just how it works.

There are two versions – one in Fahrenheit and one in Celsius. Both have closed captioning so you can read the narration if you don’t have speakers. You can also translate the narration from English to many other languages. These features are available by clicking on the little up arrow in the lower right hand corner of the video screen.

To view the video, visit the Coolerado homepage at: