September 23, 2014

New Coolerado M30 – Cools 1,500 Square Feet with only 450 Watts

New Coolerado M30 – Cools 1,500 Square Feet with only 450 Watts

By Rick Gillan

Built in response to popular demand, our new Coolerado M30 is in stock and is ideal for smaller spaces. It’s also modular like the M50, so it can be used to make a larger system where there are height limitations. See the M30 specifications on our website by clicking here, and see the news release by clicking here.

The back story on the news release comes from a green home event I attended this summer where several Coolerado residential clients were in attendance. Of course, I asked them how their Coolerado systems were performing and all but one gave very positive comments. It’s not that the one was unhappy, she was just proud that she had not turned her Coolerado on yet. This client is very green, and felt she was doing her part for the environment by suffering through the heat by only opening windows and running fans.

It is true that we had a very mild summer in parts of the west, but there is no reason to suffer at all if you have a Coolerado air conditioner. Her Coolerado system only draws 600 watts at full speed, and hers will average much less because of the variable speed thermostat controller she has. She will actually use less power running her Coolerado than using the multiple fans.

With a quick search you’ll find ceiling fans use about 100 watts a piece and you need to run one in each room for even moderate air movement. Portable fans vary all over the map, but the familiar box type draw over 150 watts each. Most whole-house fan websites recommend one or more for a small home and their wattage will add up to well over 500 watts, about double that for a medium sized home.

The new M30 for small homes only uses 450 watts when it is at full speed; at least as efficient as using house fans and you get cool, conditioned air. No comparison when it comes to comfort. Turn it on; guilt free.