September 20, 2014

Coolerado’s New Modular Air Conditioner – Book it!

Coolerado’s New Modular Air Conditioner – Book it!

By Rick Gillan

Denver Mayor John Hickenlooper turned on the first 8 new Coolerado modular air conditioners for a Denver Library a couple weeks ago.  With these new units they reduced the air conditioning load from 50,000 watts to 5,000 watts, which means they are now able to cool the whole library with the amount of power typically used to cool a small home.   The installation went very smooth, the air conditioners fired up without issue, they’re performing as advertised, and they even received a rebate from Xcel Energy.  We posted highlights of the units in operation and the ceremony with pictures and a short video available at

There’s a great quote in the video from the Mayor that starts with, “We would champion this kind of technology even if they were from Wyoming, Utah or New Mexico, but . . . ”  Another great quote came from the City’s Senior Mechanical Engineer, Greg Bertram, “We would give them a lot dryer and cooler air and on top of that we could avoid about $30,000 worth of cost to install the electrical service upgrade. . . ”

We commend the City of Denver for embracing a Big Green initiative and committing to install many more Coolerado air conditioners to cut energy costs, create green collar jobs, and stay net water zero. Yesterday, we issued a challenge to other government leaders to embrace a Big Green initiative.  See the press release at

The Denver Post printed a nice article last week on how our technology is creating a healthy environment and creating jobs.  See the article at

We have some great new stuff coming soon, so stay tuned!