Coolerado Makes Solar Powered Air Conditioning a Reality

By Tony McDonald

Air Conditioner Cools and Boosts Solar Power Generation

Please join us at the RETECH (renewable energy technology) exhibition at the Las Vegas Convention Center this Wednesday, February 24th through Friday, February 27th, 2009. Coolerado will be in Hall N1, at booth number 510.

RETECH 2009, the premier renewable energy trade show, is being held in Las Vegas this week, and Coolerado will be there operating an air conditioner capable of comfortably cooling a 3,000 square foot building. If you’re thinking, “The equipment must be huge, and has to require industrial wiring to power it” you don’t know Coolerado – but perhaps you should. The air conditioner on display will use only 600 watts of power – less than what is needed to light six, 100 watt light bulbs – and will provide 72,000 BTUs of cooling.

Coolerado air conditioners have another cool feature for the renewable power industry – a cool waste air stream that normally exhausts to the atmosphere, but can be ducted behind PV panels to improve their performance by more than 15 percent. Show attendees will be able to feel the air streams for themselves to see how it works. Our Coolerado staff will also have a small A/C unit there where they can add extremely hot air at over 140 degrees F, and cool it down by over 80 degrees using only the power of a small fan. This may be the most interesting thing you see in Las Vegas this week even if you catch a few shows!

Catch a preview by visiting the Coolerado website or watching a short YouTube video on the solar powered air conditioning system. You might even want to see what the Denver Business Journal had to say about Coolerado in last week’s edition by clicking here.

Hope to see you in Las Vegas!