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I think now more than ever, we see these kinds of solutions that are based in sustainability go hand-in-hand with economic development. Companies like Coolerado are making us healthier while making our economy healthier as well.

John Hickenlooper,
Colorado Governor

The U.S. Department of Energy reports Coolerado …has the potential to have significant impact on an agency’s energy bills in terms of reducing both energy and demand costs.

FEMP Report
Technology Installation Review

Employees are more comfortable with Coolerado, so they can stay productive, giving us more control over the finished product. We definitely would not go back to anything else.

Donovan Horton,
Co-Owner, Ram Grinding

In two years of operation using Coolerado air conditioners, we’ve seen our cooling bill decrease by 90% and have experienced an overall total energy reduction in the data center of 40%.

Shawn Mills, CEO and Owner,
Green House Data

Intermountain will install more Coolerado units in other departments and other hospitals, as appropriate and as needed. The goal is simple – don’t waste energy.

Troy Jensen
Energy Efficiency Manager
Intermountain Healthcare

This is, by far, the most comfortable floor in the building. We get a substantial amount of cooling that is nowhere near as humid as a swamp cooler.

John Ruple, Vice President,
Bradford Publishing

We probably use only 300 watts of power. That saves us easily $2,000 or more a month by using Coolerado versus a regular AC.

Phil Nail, Chief Technology Officer

We’ve reduced our energy use by as much as 97%. In terms of strict dollars and cents, that’s a payout of less than two years. More importantly, this technology is allowing us to fulfill our mission. You can’t put a price on that.

David Gallaher, Manager of IT Services
National Snow and Ice Data Center



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